The Shifting Strands

13th Age in Glorantha is a work in progress. The notes on this preliminary outline are what we’re working on now. If you’ve been with us as we’ve created 13th Age, you know that we sometimes change direction! Notes on how we’re handling things at present may not be the way things develop in the end.

That said, we’re using this project to develop aspects of the rules that players have asked for. Examples? Things like more options for rangers and barbarians and new ideas for what 13th Age called icon relationships.

Come back regularly to see design updates!


Our focus is on what we call a myth-crawling campaign in a time when Chaos has erupted and thrown the world into crisis. The prose of the myths (both familiar Gloranthan myths and new myths) is interwoven with the stations of the myth corresponding to the adjacent text. You can read the myth as a story by skipping the game text, or you can scan the game text as you read to see what the expected heroquest experience for the myth might be like. . . if Chaos wasn’t loose in the Godtime, corrupting the myths and thereby destroying the world.

Heroquesting to set things right, or to at least set things into a place that isn’t infested with demon-goat larva, is the focus of the default campaign style. Glorantha veterans will have no trouble adapting the heroquesting tools to their own campaign styles. Newcomers to Glorantha will get to learn about the world by playing through its foundational myths.

Current contents

Our current outline introduces the pillars of Glorantha in chapters with names like Orlanth is Storm King, Ernalda is Earth Queen, Humakt is Death’s Champion and Berserkers Smash! Each chapter includes a mix of myth, heroquest, race (Air culture humans in the Orlanth chapter, Earth culture humans in the Ernalda chapter), player character classes, and information on adapting existing classes as worshipers of particular gods.

Entirely new classes include:

  • The earth queen devoted to Ernalda, who shapes her adventuring party as an Ernaldan family in which disparate elements make each other stronger.

Transformational classes include:

  • The Wind Lord devoted to Orlanth, who can start as a fighter, ranger, or rogue but gains new talents and abilities unique to Wind Lords. Not quite as many options as 13th Age druids. But a similar multi-faceted treatment.
  • The berserker, a more involved development of the barbarian class dedicated to either Storm Bull or Babeester Gor.
  • The Sword of Humakt, an honor-bound undead-hating master warrior who may be a rather severe transformation of the paladin OR may be an entirely new thing, we’re trying it both ways.

Class Adapations

Class adaptations that include occasional new talents, spells, and powers include:

  • Modified clerics and druids for Ernalda.
  • Barbarians, commanders, monks (!), and sorcerers re-flavored as Orlanth-worshippers.
  • Humakti commanders, fighters, and melee rangers.

Other player-relevant pieces include:

  • Gloranthan One Unique Things
  • new rules that replace icon relationships with relationships that better express Glorantha and that have a somewhat different impact on play
  • 13th Age style handling of the Gloranthan runes
  • Gloranthan backgrounds spread through the book as inspiration and examples
    class by class examination of the existing 13th Age classes not otherwise used in the main god/myth chapters

Other Glorantha-centered elements include:

  • A Dragon Pass centered gazetteer chapter filled with playable world elements and playable myths related to the sites!
  • Air rivals and enemies, including amok Orlanthi spirits of retribution out to make most everyone pay for the threatened break in the Compromise.
  • Chaos enemies including broo, scorpionmen, dragonsnails, Chaos demons, and new corrupted creatures of Air, Earth, and Death.
  • Darkness enemies including Gloranthan trolls (uz) and Darkness elementals.
  • Lunar enemies who have a nasty habit of turning up in heroquests that they’re working to turn to their Chaotic goddess’ advantage.
  • Gloranthan rituals and magic items; but most things handled with magic treasure in 13th Age are handled with heroquest rewards in 13th Age in Glorantha.
  • A sample Gloranthan adventure.

Dragon Empire compatibility notes:

  • No lengthy reprints: this is a supplement rather than a stand-alone book and it requires the use of the 13th Age rulebook.
  • All monsters, classes, and character powers capable of being brought into other 13th Age campaigns without a hitch.
  • Translation notes for using elements related to Gloranthan runes and gods in the Dragon Empire setting.